About Ben

About Ben Grise

Discover one of Indy’s most respected online home buyers.

Indianapolis Investment Properties

Hi, I’m Ben Grise, owner-operator of InvestWithBen.com and BenBuysIndyHouses.com, one of Indy’s most reviewed online home buyers. I work with some of Indianapolis’s busiest and most experienced residential real estate investors. Invest With Ben clients know how to make quick decisions and refuse to work with anyone that wastes their time. I save my clients time by providing them with highly qualified investment properties designed to meet the conservative pricing demands of experienced real estate investors such as themselves.

What Problems Do I solve?

Many of my clients initially come to me feeling so cynical about working with real estate wholesalers. In many cases, they’ve given up all hope of ever finding a credible real estate wholesaling company to work with. They think wholesaling must be a shame, because finding highly qualified investment properties and making a lot of money working with wholesalers has been stressful for them.

I launched InvestWithBen.com because I realized that many of the most experienced residential real estate investors had become jaded toward the thought of working with just another so-called wholesaler. I launched InvestWithBen.com to show prospective clients how we are different.

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Why I’m different

Unlike most so-called real estate wholesalers, I refuse to market overpriced investment properties. All our properties are publicly advertised right here on our website for our subscribing clients. This forces us to market our properties with numbers that are as accurate as possible. We value all feedback we receive from our clients. On rare occasions that means reducing the price to meet our client’s needs based on their feedback. InvestWithBen.com is also a place where we welcome reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

How I Got Here

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit inside of me, even from a young age.

I first made money working for myself around the age of eleven. It started with my sister and I going street-to-street and knocking on doors in the mobile home park we grew up in. We would make money in the summers mowing lawns for $5 a yard in our neighborhood.

What attracts me to real estate investing is the incredible feeling of freedom it provides. Real estate investing has allowed me to spend more time at home with my family and has allowed me to quit my corporate job and work close to home. I can help my wife raise our family of five so that she doesn’t have to do it alone.

Before becoming a full-time real estate investor, I was spending many days on the road traveling for work. I worked for an EMR consulting firm, teaching nurses and doctors how to chart on their medical record software. I was a newlywed and my wife, Kortney, was pregnant at the time with our now 3-year-old son, Nolan. I was offered another consulting contract and I had to decide; it was either take the plunge and go full-time into wholesaling or take the next consulting contract they had offered me. Taking that contract would have resulted in me spending many days away from home in the last trimester of my wife’s pregnancy. With complete support from my wife, I instead took the plunge and decided to pursue real estate investing full-time.

Now I feel blessed to have the opportunity to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit and help other real estate investors pursue their entrepreneurial spirit by investing in real estate. The opportunities investing provides to my clients are endless.

My Career Highlights Include:

  • Helping private investors effectively use valuable Indianapolis real estate as collateral to generate exceptional interest income
  • Hundreds of real estate transactions and counting
  • Hiring two full-time team members and counting
  • Relieving countless sellers from distressed situations
  • Dozens of testimonials and reviews from customers and clients
  • Helping rehabbers to restore our amazing city of Indianapolis


When I’m not working?

You’ll probably find me playing with my son and two daughters, watching Victor Oladipo and the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Life Field House with my wife, or scuba diving while on vacation with the family.