Meet Our Team

Our team is focused on sourcing you with profitable real estate investment opportunities.

Ben Grise, Owner and Operations Manager at InvestWithBen

Ben Grise, Owner and Operations Manager

Ben is obsessive about the opportunity real estate investing provides for his clients. If Ben had it his way, everyone close to him would be invested in real estate. Ben is the Owner-Operator of and, one of Indy’s most reviewed online home buyers. He works with some of Indianapolis’s busiest and most experienced residential real estate investors. Ben saves his clients time by providing them with highly qualified investment opportunities designed to meet the conservative pricing demands of experienced real estate investors such as themselves.

Collin Thompson, Property Analyst at InvestWithBen

Collin Thompson, Property Analyst

Collin is responsible for reviewing the unique information that accompanies every property the company considers purchasing. He is responsible for analyzing the rent rates, comparable sales, repair estimates, and location of the properties to determine accurate income, lease, and sale projections of each property that Ben’s business considers acquiring. With Ben, Collin has analyzed over 1,000 properties in the Metro Indianapolis area.

Myles Fines, Customer Care Manager at InvestWithBen

Myles Fines, Customer Care Manager

Myles ensures everything runs smoothly at Myles is the one answering the phones, and following up with customers after they complete the form on our website. She will be your first point of contact and is responsible for getting all of the necessary information to move forward. Myles has over a decade of customer service experience and prides herself on providing the best customer care possible.

Kali Clark, Transaction Coordinator at InvestWithBen

Kali Clark, Transaction Coordinator

Kali handles all buyer and seller transactions from pended to closing. She’s also in charge of post-closing systems, providing customer service for clients, and handling administrative responsibilities. She is committed to helping the team achieve greater levels of success through her exceptional customer service skills and commitment to perfection.

Travis Carpenter

Travis Carpenter, Client Success Manager

Travis is our team’s Client Success Manager. Travis will be your point of contact if you’re working on purchasing one of our investment properties.  Travis will be the one to communicate the details of each individual property, coordinate showings, negotiate offers, and learn more about your unique investment criteria so that he can help you successfully invest with our team.