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Where Everyday People Come to Invest in Highly Discounted Properties & Private Mortgage Notes

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How We Work

We research, market to, and work with motivated sellers.
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Market Value for Flip Properties

Must have at least 3 ‘sold’ comps within a half-mile radius of the subject property, so everyone gets a deal.

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Market Value for Rental Properties

Property must produce above average neighborhood cap-rates and cash-on-cash returns for the client.

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Streamlined Purchasing Process

Clients save time searching for investment properties that meet their conservative pricing demands.

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Our Purchasing Procedures

We've made the purchasing process simple, quick, & easy. The entire transaction is streamlined to save you time.

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Our Inventory Changes Daily

We receive calls daily from motivated sellers, realtors, and other area investors looking to sell us a house.

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We Own the Wholesale Properties

All properties in our inventory & on the website are already purchased, owned, under contract, or controlled by us.

Have You Ever Wondered…

Why is it so difficult to find investment properties at true wholesale prices? I want to let you in on a secret; it isn’t (or doesn’t have to be)!

Hi! I’m Ben Grise – a local Indianapolis Real Estate Investor serving some of Indy’s busiest and most experienced in-state and out-of-state real estate investors. My clients seek out operators they can trust and operators that won’t waste their time.

With my home buying website (BenBuysIndyHouses.com) and several other marketing channels, I spend several thousand dollars a month to source some of Indy’s best investment properties and mortgage notes for my clients.

When You’re Ready to Get Started…

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Website access to our inventory and timely email notifications of investment opportunities are only available to our subscribing members.

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This is important. If our property emails are redirecting to another folder inside your email client, then you’ll miss out on timely property notifications. Most of our properties sell in a matter of days. Therefore, it’s critical our emails arrive in your inbox. To whitelist our emails on your preferred email provider, follow our quick guide here: Whitelist Our Emails

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We will not execute contracts with our clients until they’ve completed their due diligence. Our properties sell very fast and to the highest and best offer, and sometimes sight unseen. We offer you as much property information as possible.

The details that we gather about each property are a result of inspections, county records, old listings, and previous seller information. However, it is up to you to complete your due diligence. All of our properties are sold “AS IS.” Seller does not warranty or guarantee any information on sold properties. Variances may happen.

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We only accept cash offers. We do not accept offers through conventional bank financing. We require proof of funds or a financing letter from a credible private or hard money lender before you are approved to purchase inventory.

Once You’re Signed Up and Approved…

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Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our standard purchase terms in our PA. You can grab a copy of our contract here:
Purchase Contract

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Completed offers can be emailed to: sales@investwithben.com

We will respond to your offer within 1 business day.No offers will be accepted within the first 24 hours a property is sent out in order to allow fair chance for all buyers to view the property.

After sending the marketing property email, a group walkthrough will be scheduled. Reply to the property email stating that you want to see the property so that you will receive details on the walkthrough. You will then get to tour the house briefly to assess the condition. A short offer deadline will be set.

All offers will be kept confidential. Only one single offer allowed. No escalation clauses. Strongest offer will be accepted after deadline.

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You must put down at least $5,000 of non-refundable earnest money to be credited towards your purchase price for the offer and contract to be complete. Once your earnest money is received, we will acknowledge the sale and proceed to closing. We continue to market each property until we receive the earnest money deposit. All offers are subject to Prior Sales and Withdrawals. We may require more EM for purchases over $200,000.

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After the contract and earnest money is received, our preferred attorney or title/escrow company will schedule the closing. Funds for the closing need to be wired 24 hours before closing.

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What Our Clients are Saying!

House above all


Hi, I’m Ben Grise, owner-operator of InvestWithBen.com and BenBuysIndyHouses.com, one of Indy’s most reviewed online home buyers. I work with some of Indianapolis’s busiest and most experienced residential real estate investors. 

Invest With Ben clients know how to make quick decisions and refuse to work with anyone that wastes their time. I save my clients time by providing them with highly qualified investment properties designed to meet the conservative pricing demands of experienced real estate investors such as themselves.

Meet the Team

Our team is focused on sourcing you with profitable real estate investment opportunities.


Sales department

Call or email us today to get your free, no obligation cash offer!

Call or email us today to get your free, no obligation cash offer!

Sales department