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How We Work

We research, market to, and work with motivated sellers.
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We Own the Wholesale Properties We Market

All the properties in our inventory on the website are already purchased, owned, under contract or controlled by us. If we have property in our inventory that we haven’t closed on yet with our seller, then we record a notarized Notice of Interest evidencing our purchase agreement in the county where the subject property is located.

Our Inventory Changes Daily

We receive daily phone calls from motivated sellers, realtors, and other area investors looking to sell us a house. Therefore, our inventory is always changing.

If you see little to no inventory on our site, it’s because the properties that we acquire and then wholesale to our clients typically do not last long. However, it could be a matter of hours before another property or two is marketed as inventory. Therefore, it’s important to stay up to date on the status of our inventory by subscribing for access to our properties.

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As an active buy and hold, fix and flip, and Indianapolis real estate wholesaling company we get contacted daily from wholesalers with so- called deals on properties all over Indianapolis. After completing our due diligence and initial research we typically find that these so-called “wholesalers” leave very little room for us to generate a respectable return on our investment. Therefore, most of the houses we buy are a result of the money and time we spend on marketing, research, and negotiating purchases directly from motivated sellers.

We research hundreds of houses every month with one goal in mind: source properties priced at below market value for some of the most experienced Indianapolis real estate investors. We inspect every property that we market to our clients. In our marketing we include pictures of the property, videos, and all of the necessary details our clients need to make a quick buying decision.

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How We Define Below Market Value for Flip Properties:
  1. Must have at least 3 ‘sold’ comps that are within a half-mile radius of the subject property. The 3 comps must be within 15% +/- of the subject’s living space and have comparable build characteristics to the subject property. In some cases, if the property is in a rural area, we try to do our best to find 3 sold comps. In some cases that may mean going back more than a year to find comparable sales.
  2. Subject property must be at least 20% below the average of the 3 sold comps. It’s not easy to find properties that meet this criterion. In 2016 our company spent well over six figures on expenses and countless hours searching for and researching properties that meet this criteria.
How We Define Below Market Value for Rental Properties:
  1. Property must produce above average neighborhood cap-rates and cash-on-cash returns for the client.
  2. Property must enable the client to liquidate the property for a profit or complete a cash-out refinance of the property after all repairs have been completed, conditional of buyer being pre-approved for conventional financing.
We Streamline the Purchasing Process
We enable clients to save time searching for investment properties that meet their conservative pricing demands. Our clients rely on us to source both buy and hold and fix and flip investments at true wholesale prices below market value. This frees up their time to focus on doing the things they’re good at or spending more time doing the things they love.
Our Purchasing Procedures

Our clients’ time is the most valuable asset they have. Therefore, our goal is to make the purchasing process as simple as possible by streamlining the entire transaction.

No offers are considered, or contracts signed, until the client inspects the property. However, an inspection by a client is not required.

In many cases, some of our clients buy our properties without ever inspecting to eliminate the risk of losing the opportunity to purchase the property to another buyer. Properties are not removed from available inventory until we receive the required earnest money deposit and paperwork back from the buyer.

We sell all of our properties using our Purchase Contract and with the terms identified in our Purchase Contract.

Click here to View Purchase Contract

When You’re Ready to Get Started…

Follow These Steps to Identify and Prequalify for a Property:
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Website access to our inventory and timely email notifications of investment opportunities are only available to our subscribing members.

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This is important. If our property emails are redirecting to another folder inside your email client, then you’ll miss out on timely property notifications. Most of our properties sell in a matter of days. Therefore, it’s critical our emails arrive in your inbox. To whitelist our emails on your preferred email provider, follow our quick guide here: Whitelist Our Emails

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Email Sales@investwithben.com to inform us that you are interested in a property. Alex or Claire will then set up a group walkthrough for you to complete your due diligence a few days later. An offer deadline will be set shortly after this walkthrough. No offers will be accepted before the deadline. All properties are sold to the highest and best offer.

The details that we gather about each property are a result of inspections, county records, old listings, and previous seller information. However, it is up to you to complete your due diligence. All of our properties are sold “AS IS.” Seller does not warranty or guarantee any information on sold properties. Variances may happen.

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We only accept cash offers. Plus, we do not accept offers through conventional bank financing. We require proof of funds or a financing letter from a credible private or hard money lender before you are approved to purchase inventory.

Once You’re Signed Up and Approved…

Follow These Steps to Submit an Offer:

What are the Purchase Terms on every transaction?

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Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our standard purchase terms in our PA. You can grab a copy of our contract here:
Purchase Contract

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Completed offers can be emailed to: sales@investwithben.com

We will respond to your offer within 3 business days after the offer deadline. No offers will be accepted within the first 24 hours a property is sent out in order to allow fair chance for all buyers to view the property.

After sending the marketing property email, a group walkthrough will be scheduled. Reply to the property email stating that you want to see the property so that you will receive details on the walkthrough. You will then get to tour the house briefly to assess the condition. A short offer deadline will be set.

All offers will be kept confidential. Only one single offer allowed. No escalation clauses. Strongest offer will be accepted after deadline.

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You must put down at least $5,000 of non-refundable earnest money to be credited towards your purchase price for the offer and contract to be complete. Once your earnest money is received, we will acknowledge the sale and proceed to closing. We continue to market each property until we receive the earnest money deposit. All offers are subject to Prior Sales and Withdrawals. We may require more EM for purchases over $200,000.

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After the contract and earnest money is received, our preferred attorney or title/escrow company will schedule the closing. Funds for the closing need to be wired 24 hours before closing.


Please read through all purchase terms. We do the same terms for every deal we sell and are non-negotiable on these terms. You can find them at the bottom of every property email we send. They include:


  • No inspections or contingencies
  • 14-day closing or sooner (unless specified by seller)
  • All due diligence you desire must be performed before offer is made
  • PA must be signed the same day it is sent to buyer
  • $5,000 Non-refundable EM must be wired within 24 hours of PA being signed (subject to go over 5K if property price exceeds 150K)
  • Taxes are paid by buyer at next installment (Any delinquent taxes will be paid by us, the seller, prior to closing.)
  • All closing costs are paid by buyer
  • $199 Transaction Coordination Fee
  • Title company used will be Eagle Land Title

Click here to View Purchase Contract