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Ben Buys Indy Houses is a Real Estate Investor and Cash Home Buyer serving the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area, including Westfield, IN. Unlike typical real estate agents, they specialize in purchasing homes very quickly. That is using unconventional techniques and methods designed to deliver the homebuyer’s cash swiftly.

What are cash home buyers?

Real estate investors exchange lump sums of cash for properties when homeowners lack the time or desire to sell their properties in the traditional manner. Cash home buyers purchase houses directly from owners without involving real estate agents, meaning their offers are all upfront. They have the resources and expertise necessary to quickly close home sales.

Let’s examine the powerful benefits of selling your home to a real estate investor rather than using a traditional real estate agent.

5 Benefits of Selling Your Home to a Cash-Buy Real Estate Consultant

A lot of homeowners in Indianapolis, IN find that the fastest way to liquidate their homes involves selling to a cash home buyer instead of hiring a real estate agent. Consider the following five benefits of working with an experienced real estate consultant.

No need to make repairs or renovations

You can sell your home to a cash buyer without the need to perform necessary repairs or renovations. You’ll sell it as-is for a lump sum of cash – fast!

No wait time for closing

When you work with a real estate investor instead of a real estate agent, you don’t have to worry about long periods of waiting for the closing. Sign the final papers and get paid the same day.

$0 agent commissions

When you sell your house for cash to a real estate wholesaler, you will not incur any real estate agent fees or commissions. This alone is worth thousands of dollars when selling the average home.

Your house will sell quickly

Perhaps the best benefit of selling your house to a real estate investor is that it will happen fast. You won’t have to deal with a mountain of paperwork or internal processes that can take months. Your house will be bought quickly, and you can be on your way with a lump sum of cash in your bank account.

Fair market value guarantee

Cash home buyers pay fair market value for the homes they purchase. On the other hand, real estate agents need to maximize profits and therefore try to set the selling price for your home as low as possible.

Contact Ben Buys Indy Houses Today

The friendly and helpful team at Ben Buys Indy Houses is waiting to answer your questions and help you determine if a cash buyer is the best road for you to take when selling your home. It’s not for everyone. However, if you’re faced with a need to move quickly and liquidate your home for a lump sum of cash, please Contact Us Today to begin the process.

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Westfield, Indiana

Westfield, IN, 46074, a city in Hamilton County, Indiana, United States, had an estimated population of 43,649 in 2019. That was roughly a 50 percent increase from the population of 30,068 recorded in 2010. That is meaning that this city is one of the fastest growing in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. The total area of Westfield, IN is 27.081 square miles, of which only 0.241 square miles (0.89 percent) are covered by water.

If you take Main Street (State Road 32) about 6 miles east of downtown Westfield, you’ll find yourself in the suburb of Noblesville, Hamilton County’s seat.


Local attractions include Grand Park, the largest youth sports campus in the USA. The mega-complex features 31 multi-purpose athletic fields and 26 softball/baseball fields, as well as football, field hockey, and lacrosse fields. There’s also an indoor event center that features three multipurpose fields and eight separate basketball/volleyball courts, two of which are NBA-regulated.


Westfield features beautiful country homes for sale in a quaint community of friendly people. Vacant real estate, apartments, and hotels are available year-round for those looking to obtain land or a home. Although it can be hot in the summer, the weather is typically mild. The average value of a home is $231,800.