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Arsenal Technical High School

Arsenal Tech High School (Tech for short) is a part of the Indianapolis Public Schools district. It’s a former Civil War-era arsenal in Indianapolis from 1864. In 1912, it opened as a public high school, which is still its current function. In 1976, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, technical students from grades 9-12 carry out their high school studies at this university-style campus.



Arsenal Tech school is broadly broken down into five paths of study:
The Math and Science Academy at Arsenal Tech High School is a program focusing on technical subjects like math, science, pre-engineering, and informational technology. So, this course program is designed to prepare students for the field of engineering before entering college.



The Law and Public Policy program gives students first-hand experience in legal professions — providing real court experiences, legal reviews, and partnerships with institutions like Butler University, Indiana University McKinney School of Law, and Vincennes University.


The Career Technology Center

The Career Technology Center offers a dozen progressions in its technical schools. Many of these courses provide chances for dual credits as well as industry-recognized technical certifications, one of the major benefits of attending Arsenal Tech High School.


The Construction, Architecture, and Design Academy at Arsenal Tech gives students a very practical skill set preparing them for college. Courses on 3D modeling for residential and commercial buildings (drawn both by hand and digitally) construct a portfolio that students can use in the future. Certifications in AutoDesk Inventor and Revit are also obtainable in this path of study.


New Tech is the curriculum where public school students learn to be successful in the 21st century. Skills like critical thinking are taught through integrated group projects. This program takes a conceptual approach to technical topics. The result is showing promise for public schools in the district.


No Indiana high school experience would be complete without sports. Arsenal Tech has programs taking place all year for students to enjoy as spectators or participants. Sports like football, basketball, soccer, cross country, tennis, and golf compete in the Indianapolis Public Schools district throughout the year.


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