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A demanding and high-performing real estate investment company seeks an exceptional sales assistant to join its team.

I need someone who will work hard enough to be promoted to Acquisition Manager within 1-2 years.

I am looking for a tenacious, hungry, goal-oriented, and high-performing person who doesn’t make excuses as to why they can’t do what’s required to be successful in this job role.  I’m the busy owner of a well-known real estate investment company headquartered in Indianapolis. You may have seen my commercials on TV. I’m looking for someone with the work ethic and motivation to make life easier for our team and with the skills to take on some of our lead-generation tasks.

The odds are this job is not right for you. Out of hundreds of initial applications, only a dozen or so will take the time to complete the entire application. Unfortunately, most people are too lazy to complete the entire application or apply without reading the entire job ad. Our company’s application process saves us the time of reviewing applications from unqualified applicants.

If you’re one of the dozen or so who completed the application, then at least we know you are genuinely interested in the opportunity I am presenting you with. The good thing for you is you’ll only be competing against a small number of applicants for the position.

Before we go further, I have a WARNING: I am not always easy to work with. In fact, I am very challenged. My team moves fast because our customers and clients demand it. We are a team of high performers and we can’t stand when people make excuses as to why they can’t do their job, show up on time, and complete the task at hand.

Some people may say I’m too blunt, too outspoken, or too short or insensitive in my interactions.  This happens because I have a demanding schedule working with other high performers who require me to be at my best to help them reach their goals.  Some people may say I get impatient and I can’t stand mistakes, especially with so much money on the line in our industry of real estate investing.

Despite all of this, I’ve also been told by my employees that I’m very generous. The world of real estate investing is rewarding, and the right person for this job will have a tremendous opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and financially.

Every asset we acquire is put through a rigorous due diligence and evaluation process. With the help of our entire team of real estate professionals, we have filtered well over 1,000 properties through this process. Thus, we’re extremely qualified to assess the profitability of a property before it’s ever purchased. Our name and reputation mean more to our business than anything else, and it’s for that reason that we reject properties that don’t meet our strict purchasing criteria.


  • Positive – You have to be positive. I don’t want to hear about your problems or your complaints or your excuses. You need to come in daily ready to kick ass each day with a constant smile on your face. Our team likes to have fun. We don’t have room for negative people.
  • You must operate at a high level and have impeccable written communication skills to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Do you have a minimum of 1 year of sales experience or assisting someone in a senior sales role with their day-to-day responsibilities?
  • Can you efficiently use computers, software, and technology to create and communicate with others?
  • Are you obsessively compulsive about details, planning, and love helping high-performers achieve goals?
  • Are you a proactive self-starter who can provide solutions to our team’s day-to-day challenges?
  • Are you excited at the opportunity of working closely with a team of real estate investors and as a result gain valuable knowledge as it relates to real estate investing?
  • Do you have real estate experience or at the very least a strong desire to learn all you can about real estate?
  • Do you want to make $40,000 – $50,000 next year with room for tremendous growth based on performance?
  • Can you work with minimal supervision, minimal feedback, and minimal direction?
  • Are you a great listener and problem-solver?
  • Do you want to join a dynamic, fun, and high-performing team?
  • Are you obsessed with goal-setting, accountability, and getting results?
  • Are you a self-motivated, independent, and people-oriented person?
  • You find it rewarding to work with a team towards common goals.
  • You respond to internal and external inquiries by communicating in a fun and professional manner, providing exceptional support and customer service.
  • You’re comfortable pivoting as priorities shift and you surf the wave with a giant smile while keeping calm.
  • You’re incredibly resourceful, seek solutions to solve problems, and demonstrate relentless tenacity.
  • You demonstrate a high level of integrity and discretion in handling confidential information.
  • You display a high level of emotional intelligence.
  • You don’t make excuses.

If you answered YES to all of the above, please read on! If you answered NO to just one of those questions, this position is not a good fit for you.


We are a young and fast-growing Indianapolis real estate investment company. You must live within 10 miles of Northern Indianapolis to be most successful in this position and make daily travel to the office doable.

We are not real estate agents. We have invested in real estate since 2013 and have completed over 250+ real estate transactions. Plus, we have grown every year since 2013. We are growing fast and last year we nearly doubled our business. This year we are on track to close over 100+ transactions, including a mixture of owner-finance, wholesales, whole-tails, rehabs, and rentals. If those words don’t mean anything to you, that’s ok. As long as you’re teachable we are happy to educate! Our team comprises 6 motivated people with a passion for real estate and self-improvement. Our motto is there is no “I” in Team. Every individual on our team is critical to the entire team’s success. We aim to continue to be the highest-rated and most-reviewed online home buyer in the Metro Indianapolis region.

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Acquisition Manager
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Job Responsibilities and Deliverables:

1. Assist the company’s sales team, and Operations Manager in their day-to-day responsibilities no matter how big or how small.
  • Visit properties to gather pictures of the property.
  • Meet with customers at their preferred location to obtain a signature on a document.
  • Meet with customers at their preferred location to obtain keys.
  • Assist the company’s Disposition Manager with showing properties to investor clients.
  • Write up contracts and offer submission forms for Acquisition Managers.
  • Assist Transaction Coordinator in attending closings.
  • Assist in property underwriting.
2. Send out an average of 2,000 SMS and Email messages to the company’s prospects per work day.
  • Utilize our SMS and Email software providers to efficiently and effectively message prospective customers.
  • Effectively respond to messages with the goal to qualify or disqualify the prospect for a phone call.
  • Field phone calls to determine if the lead qualifies for an appointment with the company’s Acquisition Manager.
  • Build a list of prospects Frequently Asked Questions and the proper response to those questions.
  • Track performance goals daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to ensure you are meeting the company’s goals and the deliverables of the position.
  • Organize, label, filter, and respond to email and SMS replies from prospects in a timely manner.
  • Seek out and pursue opportunities to improve real estate investing knowledge.
  • Plan and organize the day effectively.
  • Consistently complete delegated CRM tasks to ensure no opportunity is left behind.
3. Convert 0.35% of Text Messages into CRM leads.
  • Ensure no lead is left behind and timely responses to incoming replies.
  • Hit daily prospecting goals.
  • Efficiently upload qualified prospects into the company’s CRM.
4. Convert 32% of all Leads to an Appointment.
  • Follow the company’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to ensure only those leads that meet the required criteria are entered into CRM.
  • Ensure that prospects meet all requirements before an appointment is scheduled.
  • Learn how to properly screen the prospects to ensure they meet the company’s lead criteria.
  • Update the company’s CRM with necessary information about the lead to ensure the company’s team can access the necessary information to convert the lead.
5. Live Answer and qualify or disqualify 100% of the customer calls transferred to you from our Lead Managers.
  • Prioritize answering incoming transferred calls above everything else.
  • Prioritize the call back of missed calls.
  • Come to the home office well-rested and prepared to own the day.
  • Check all missed calls and CRM daily to ensure no leads are left behind.
  • Ensure the work environment is quiet and free of distractions.
  • Limit the lunch schedule to the maximum allotted time.
  • Check the phone system daily to determine which calls were missed and what voicemails were received.
  • Organize the day effectively.
  • Block schedules day to allow ample time to make a call back missed calls and voicemails.
  • Seek out and pursues opportunities to improve real estate investing knowledge.
  • Learn the company’s qualifying and sales process to increase effectiveness when qualifying calls for an appointment with Acquisition Manager.
  • Consistently complete tasks inside of CRM to ensure no task is left behind.
6. Power Dial and Follow Up with New Leads Daily.
  • Utilize the company’s power dialer to efficiently qualify all leads in New Status.
  • Ensure that prospects meet all requirements before an appointment is scheduled.
  • Learn how to properly screen the prospects to ensure they meet the company’s lead criteria.
  • Update the company’s CRM with necessary information about the lead to ensure the company’s team can access the necessary information to convert the lead.
7. Ensure all disqualified Leads Receive a written Offer.
  • Determine a best-case and aggressive offer amount for all unmotivated and disqualified seller leads.
  • Submit a written offer via CRM.
  • Consistently complete tasks on schedule and on time inside CRM to ensure no lead is left behind and not followed up on.
  • If manually underwritten, communicate underwriting metrics inside CRM for every lead.
  • Update the company’s CRM with necessary information about the lead to ensure the company’s team can access the necessary information to convert the lead.
  • Qualify those sellers for an appointment with our Acquisition Manager if the customer responds positively to our offer.
  • Ask for a counteroffer from those sellers that respond negatively or decline our offer.
8. Achieve 32 Positive Google Reviews and YouTube Testimonials for the Year.
  • Provide exceptional customer service and builds rapport with our prospects that turn into leads.
  • Does not ever engage in arguing with hostile prospects.
  • Provide exceptional customer service and communication to our prospects and leads.
  • Provide exceptional written and oral communication to our customers.
  • Oversee any seller complaints and makes sure they are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Never over-promise and under-deliver on our service offering to customers or clients.


  • Be part of a young and fast-growing company while working with a team of high-performers who love to work hard and play harder together!
  • Create massive impact and solve-problems for a company with an already strong foundation.
  • Mentorship and training from a high-performing real estate investor.  Learn how to profitably invest in real estate with a high-performing Indianapolis real estate investor. Execute on what you’ve learned.
  • Compensation is fully negotiable.
  • I wouldn’t expect to find anyone for less than a Base + Bonus package of $40,000 – $50,000 with an additional Bonus Incentive at 100%+ of company yearly performance goals.
  • Benefits package.
  • Opportunity for promotion to Acquisition Manager after 1-2 years.


If so, please take the time to completing the application and survey questionnaire, by clicking on the button below to Apply.