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Driftwood Hills

Fit Flex Fly is a unique gym that is located in Driftwood Hills, Indianapolis, IN. Both group classes and personal training are offered.


The gym was founded in 2012 to serve everyone throughout the Far Northside of Indianapolis. The focus is to ensure that people from Driftwood Hills have the right tools to enhance their quality of life.


The workout formats of Fit Flex Fly vary to ensure that it is intimate and inclusive. Additionally, instructors keep everyone motivated. More importantly, results are scientifically measured.


There is also a physical therapist on staff at the location. This allows people to get individualized assistance based on health conditions, recurring pain, and more. The physical therapist will offer specific movements and exercises to ensure that training can be taken to the next level.


The classes that are offered allow people to interact with one another and maintain motivation. The in-studio classes can be booked online for convenience. Classes include cardio core, trifecta, athletic conditioning, and hustle muscle flow. All of these are inside an infrared studio that is heated for maximum effectiveness.


Classes can accommodate up to 25 individuals.


For those who don’t want to participate in a class, personal training is offered for one-on-one assistance. This can be ideal to work toward a specific goal as well as to receive training where it is convenient. That includes inside a home or workplace.


Starting at Fit Flex Fly located at 1706 E 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240, head east on East 86th Street, and you’ll reach Union Chapel United Methodist Church located at 2720 E 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

From Union Chapel United Methodist Church, head north on Driftwood Drive, and you’ll reach Indiana Drone Photography located at 8805 Driftwood Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

When you leave Indiana Drone Photography, head north on Manderley Drive, and you’ll arrive at Armbrust Massage Therapy at 91st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

From Armbrust Massage Therapy, go north on North Temple Avenue, and you’ll arrive at Indy Kids Daycare – Innocent Hearts at 9269 N Temple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

Once you leave Indy Kids Daycare – Innocent Hearts, go north on Westfield Road, and you’ll arrive at Invest with Ben, located at 2910 E 96th St, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

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