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The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Located just a few blocks north of downtown Indianapolis, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis boasts an incredible array of interactive and engaging exhibits for toddlers to teens. Chaperoning adults are likewise sure to find things of interest in this dynamic museum that holds the unique title of being the largest children’s museum in the entire world.
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis isn’t the largest by a small amount either. This is an incredibly massive facility that spans nearly 500,000 square feet across five floors. During the warmer months of March through November, the available museum exhibits continue outdoors with statues celebrating sports legends and a myriad of interactive activities that include tiny car racing and golfing.

The Offer

The best way to enter The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is to park at the attached garage and enter via the garage’s second-floor skywalk. Entering this way affords guests a nice view of the cross-traffic beneath, the outdoor sports and attractions in the museum’s backyard, and a cool sneak peek of the dinosaurs inside. This skywalk will take you directly into what the museum calls Level 1. This floor contains an entrance to one of the most popular exhibits in the whole museum, the Dinosphere. There is also the Lily Theater, Beyond Spaceship Earth planetarium, and space object theater, and more.

That first level is just the beginning of what The Children’s Museum has to offer. From a Barbie experience that celebrates sixty years of Mattel creativity to a vibrant recreation of Greece. You will also find more science-oriented exhibits as well as these historical and social science ones. Take for example the Corteva Agriscience ScienceWorks exhibit. In that exhibit, children can tap into a myriad of scientific pursuits by exploring the real-life work of geologists, hydrologists, and more.
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is open every day of the week, closed only for federal holidays. Their ticket prices, however, can be a bit confusing as they change based on when you purchase. Buying your tickets for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis two weeks in advance can save you 25%. So it’s better to plan and book your trip to this fantastic location early!


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