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Located on the western edge of Indianapolis, Haughville Park spans 5.5 acres.


Haughville was formally annexed by Indianapolis in 1897. As a result of their newfound city status, locals demanded more amenities, such as new roads and parks. In 1922, Haughville Park first welcomed visitors.

Families lived crowded into close quarters, in tiny cottages and “shotgun” buildings on narrow parcels. The park provided a place for both active and passive relaxation, so it effectively served as a front or back yard for these families.


Both Haughville and Haughville Park have undergone significant transformations during the past century. Significant upgrades to the park are now being made. Haughville Park is a staple on the Near Westside of Indianapolis, and with its updated splash park, paved walking pathways, expanded parking lot, two full-sized basketball courts, and enormous playground, it seems set to stay that way for years to come.


From Haughville Park, located at 520 N Belleview Pl, Indianapolis, IN 46222, and drive north on E Riverside Dr until you pass the Church of the Living God, located at 901 N Belleview Pl, Indianapolis, IN 46222.

From The Church of the Living God, head west on 10th St and drive for .4 mile until you see Lete’s Injera & Café.

Continue west of 10th St for another .4 miles, where you will arrive at Indy Steak & Lemonade on 3367 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222.

After passing Indy Steak & Lemonade, drive south on N Centennial St and then N Goodlet Ave before arriving at Allegiant Preparatory Academy located at 3125 Concord Ct, suite b, Indianapolis, IN 46222.

From Allegiant Preparatory Academy, drive north on W Kessler Blvd N until you see Invest With Ben located at 2910 E 96th St, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

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